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bright blue climbing rope

How to cut a climbing rope

If you’ve been climbing for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed that it takes a toll on your climbing rope. Your climbing rope will show the most stress at the ends. It gets taxed by the friction from your carabiners, likely where you’ll spot the first signs of damage. […]

A group of people warming up for bouldering

How do you warm-up for bouldering?

Like any sport, bouldering requires warming up. Even if you’re young and spry. And if not, it’s even more important. But consider this your warning. Failing to warm up can put you at greater risk for an injury. Bouldering, and climbing in general, requires more than intense focus. It requires […]

5 hikers hiking on a mountain to improve their stamina

7 detailed tips to improve your hiking stamina

Feeling like you’re winded before you really even begin your hike? You’re not the only one. If you’re wondering how to build your hiking stamina, you’re in the right place. By building up hiking endurance, you can go for longer stretches and enjoy more of the places you venture. Hiking […]

Man climbing indoor (bouldering) wondering how high the climbing wall is

How high are climbing walls?

If you’re looking from below on up at a climbing wall, when someone asks how high climbing walls are, you’re likely to tell them ‘too high’ if you’re afraid of heights. Despite this, many of us have gotten over that initial gut check and scaled up there. Many more of […]