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Sweaty hand due to hyperhidrosis punching a water wall as a simbol of getting rid of sweaty hands
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Climbing with Hyperhidrosis

Sweaty hands? No big deal… lots of people have them. Though if you’re a climber, it can cause you a bit of trouble. Hyperhidrosis, as the condition of excessively sweaty hands is known, can make it hard for you to climb, seeing as getting a good grip is critical to […]

Man looking at his toes

Climbing After Toenail Removal

It’s a common conversation among climbers… the pains of our feet. Our feet go through so much when climbing. We put all our faith into our 10 little piggies. But what happens when you have problems with your toenails while climbing? One of the biggest gripes is that of an […]

Athletic man stretching to avoid a hunchback

How climbers can avoid the dreaded hunchback

Climbers aren’t the only ones that can wind up with a hunchback much like the famed Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Sitting for too long without proper support to your back can also do it, you know, when you’re at the office putting in long hours in front […]

Socks on the floor

Can You Wear Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes?

If you’re just getting into climbing, or even if you’ve been at it for a while, chances are you’ve seen someone wearing socks with rock climbing shoes. Some climbers point and laugh at this scene. It’s akin to seeing someone wearing socks with sandals as far as stylishness goes. But […]

Tall man climbing rock wall

Am I Too Tall for Rock Climbing?

The climbing community is a pretty cool group of people. We come from all backgrounds and we come in harmony together for the love of the climb. When you have a group of climbers together, you’ll find mostly men and some women. And a variance of height between all of […]

Climbing shoes on a boulder 5 10 five ten

How to Shrink Climbing Shoes

Are your climbing shoes too big? If you want to learn how to shrink them, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a new climber and accidentally overestimated your foot size when shoe shopping for climbing shoes, like me or you’ve lost weight and your feet have shrunk in size […]

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness

8 Best Climbing Harnesses for Women

For women climbers, it’s important to get a harness that fits you just right. This is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment we use anywhere we climb, which is why you should invest in your own climbing harness designed just for women. Whereas helmets are typically unisex, […]