Man hanging from a cliff free soloing

How Dangerous is Free Soloing?

Let’s put it this way: no injuries are really reported in this extreme sport because those who don’t make it have died. So, in short, free soloing is an extremely dangerous sport, one that has led to the untimely deaths of many experienced climbers.

Strong climber

How Strong Do I Have To Be To Go Climbing

Most people seem to have this strange perception that just because I go climbing, I’m some sort of muscle-machine. But the truth of it is, if you’re fit enough to climb up a ladder, then you can climb up a climbing wall or a cliff. So, how strong do I […]

Beautiful picture of a lake with mountains behind it eco-friendly climber

12 ways to become a more eco-friendly climber

Climbing as a sport is getting increasingly popular. Whether you climb indoors in one of the hundreds of climbing gyms in North America or outdoors, it can be both fun and safe if done with proper equipment and technique. But, it’s worth mentioning that we, as climbers have a moral […]


Can you climb with long fingernails

Well, it depends on the length, but shorter nails are definitely the way to go when it comes to climbing. You should trim them regularly and keep them in good shape; The edges of your fingernails can also get hard and cause you a lot of pain when focusing on less positive holds like slopers. As a result…

girl taking climbing chalk out of her climbing bag

How to use chalk for indoor climbing

Climbing without chalk is like eating soup at a restaurant without a spoon. But how do you use climbing chalk? Chalk is probably one of the most important things in any climber’s toolkit. However, it’s quite commonly misused.Have you ever entered a climbing gym only to be hit by an […]