Climber belayin a heavier partner

How to belay someone much heavier than you

Every climber is different. Sometimes, you’ll be belaying someone about your weight. And other times, you’ll be faced with someone who outweighs you hands down. I honestly never really thought about this when I was first starting out. I was belaying my partner, a friend of mine since childhood, who […]

Climber belaying his partner on a rock face

10 Tips You Need to Know for Safer Belaying

Once you get into climbing, there’s a whole set of code to follow for safe belaying. Relax, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. Climbing brings with it a whole new set of rules that don’t apply in the regular world. It’s stuff that seems bizarre and […]

Book showing climbing glossary

Your Ultimate Climbing Lingo Glossary

When I first got into climbing, I remember feeling like I was in a foreign country because of all the terms and lingo the more seasoned climbers would spout out. Getting into climbing requires more than simply learning the ropes (pun intended) and techniques. It’s also knowing the terms for […]

Man mountaineering with his equipment on a snow-covered mountain

12 Types of Climbing

12 types of climbing. You don’t have to do them today or even do them all, but I hope you’ll know what they’re all about so if you’re curious and have built up your techniques on the climbing wall, you can chase after more challenges, so you know which ones are the types of climbs you’ll be doing as a newcomer.

A climber using his climbing shoes to climb a wall
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How Tight Should Climbing Shoes Be?

Climbing shoes should never hurt! They might be tight when you first start breaking them in, but they should never ever cause you pain. In this post, I’m going to talk to you more in-depth about how tight your climbing shoes should be and everything you need to know to make sure once you determine the best kind of climbing shoe for your needs that you choose a pair that fit just right.

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Different Types of Climbing Shoes

It all boils down to what you’re going to use your climbing shoes for, your preference of style, and your preference of materials. For beginners, I suggest the neutral style and you can work your way on up to a more technical shoe from there. Even when you do, that neutral shoe will be with you on your multi-pitch climbs to give you more comfort.

Climber bouldering with a climbing mat underneath him and a friend spotting

How Long Should a Bouldering Session Last?

A robust bouldering session should last between 60 to 90 minutes if your focus is on high-intensity training. If you’re taking more of a moderate approach, then a 2-hour session is more appropriate for the intensity levels involved. When you want to take things easy, then consider scheduling between 3-5 […]


How Dangerous is Mountaineering

It’s very common for people to die pushing themselves to the extreme in high altitude mountaineering destinations. The dangers abound from the hazards that are already present in nature like avalanches, bad weather, and rockfall, plus there are the hazards that come from the climber.